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Exclusive Design

Jossart© activity are art and design. We create functional art objects inspired in the Pop art Movement, emphasizing the authenticity of the craftsman, and creative and personal interpretation of the designer. Each discipline brings different tools that make products unique and different. Offering objects that have a story to tell, maintaining high quality and exclusivity with our customers and the brand.

Limited Editions

Each hand painted Jossart© object becomes a unique piece, and is part of a limited collection. The color shades vary because the colors are mixed at the time of painting, making each piece unique and different. The artist makes decisions at the time of painting to make changes and make a difference in each piece.

Creative partnerships

We enjoy sharing our ideas. Our Jossart© platform is open to all designers /creative/companies that can withstand the brand to create new products and services . We seek to create a visual narrative in terms of brand image and product offering an "excess of creativity". We seek a social sense in different areas, partnerships make us stronger, we would be delighted to hear new proposals, Adelante!


All products are guaranteed. With the materials we use care our customers and the environment.

Secure Payment

Our online store uses methods of payments with reliable security certificates




Jossart creates objects with methods that are environmentally friendly, handmade processes using natural and sustainable fibers. Our suppliers have authorized by the Soil association and union Control licenses to distribute certified organic products according to Gots. The inks we use are certified by Oeko-tek as harmful substances.

Sustainable is more than a label. We are committed to the environment and innovation

Hand painted - HandMade

We support the craftsmanship by value of authenticity, which makes our products even greener, and we avoid the machines to avoid polluting the planet.

A craftsmanship is produced by artist or artisans either entirely handmade or with the help of hand tools or even mechanical means. Whenever direct manual interaction is the most important component of the finished product.

Shipping around the world

We reach most countries across multiple agencies.